Contemporary Seascape Painter

Lucy's bright and uplifting coastal scenes capture the essence of movement and light found on the stunning Jurassic Coast where she lives.  Her highly recognisable style blends delicate oceanic shades across the canvas with great subtlety and skill and her play on light evokes a peaceful and idyllic perspective on coastal life with a strong sense of airy spaciousness.


In recent years Lucy has become recognised for creating painting from an aerial perspective. Her overhead scenes celebrate the Great British Coastline, in particular Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. As a viewer you are drawn in by the sparkling aqua oceans and kaleidoscopic beach goers, and upon closer inspection the attention to detail of each character within the scene evokes joyful memories of days at the beach.

‘Over the years my style and skills have changed and grown, but the overriding element which has remained close to my heart is the need and ability to create something uplifting and beautiful.  I want to bring joy and beauty into your home with movement, light and colour’ - Lucy Young

June 2, 2021